Senior Social – It’s Tomorrow! by Alejandra Mendoza

Senior Social is just around the corner! On Friday, the kings and queens of Class of 2015 will meet once again at F cafeteria for the annual Senior Social.

The event will take place during second period, thirty minutes after the start of the school day. An announcement will be made around 7:50 to call the seniors down.

The senior class officers will discuss events that will take place throughout the school year; but mostly, it’ll be about the seniors. We’ll eat breakfast and sit with our friends. The one and only Adriel Martinez, from MLEC’s Health Academy, will DJ the event as DJ Adriel.

Expect to see everyone dressed to impress – our dress code this year, after last year’s green class shirts, is dress for success. Although the weekend was filled with tweets from seniors worrying about what they would wear, some had fun trying on multiple outfits. Some even tweeted sneak peeks of their clothes, hyping up the already energetic senior class.

The Class of 2015’s official Twitter and Instagram posted the senior profile questions. The normal ones – Name, Academy/Stand, and Favorite quote or song lyric – are there. The new ones – “Moment you felt limitless,” “Who will you always be?”, and “What will you take with you?” – are great opportunities to capture your high school experience in a way that is unique to you.

Think of memories you’ll remember in twenty years when you open your yearbook again, write it down, and have a draft ready for when the official ballot comes around. Remember to keep it under 20 words; anything longer might not fit in the box next to your picture.

There will be a limited amount of time to fill out the profile, so think of your quote and answers beforehand.

Senior Social will also be when seniors vote on their class song. Remember, our class song will be played after graduation, and this is just as important as the individual senior profile.

The Social will last until the end of second period and administration will announce when it’s ending.

Regardless, it’s our day, seniors. And we’re one step closer to graduation.


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