iTakeOver by Rosaly Casanueva

We all do it – we tweet, we Instagram, we post statuses and pictures on Facebook, we look for satisfaction   in ‘likes’ and ‘favorites’ from people we never see and people we sometimes don’t even know.

We live in a generation that retreats to cellphones when trying to dodge conversation, when standing in line at a convenient store, when waiting on someone, or when things just get awkward. We turn to technology for refuge from social situations; it happens every day.

We are more concerned about our ‘friends’ on social media than the people we see each and every day. We have become consumed with our own image and what everyone, even strangers, think of us. People walk from class to class, building to building; some even drive without looking up.

Nationwide Mutual Insurance said nearly 80% of American drivers admit to driving while distracted, and many of them admit to talking on cell phones, sending e-mails, and texting while driving.

Our phones make us available at any time, any place – the movies, at dinner, at traffic stops, even on dates. A ‘cell’ was once thought as a place for incarceration, but ‘cellphones’ aren’t any different – we constantly have one in our hands at all times. Technology robs people of their time; the hours pass without realizing that we have missed the opportunity of running to the store for a new case for our ‘cherished’ cell phones.

Kelton Research found that 65% of U.S. consumers are spending more times with their computers than with their significant others.

I say ‘we’ because I struggle with this problem also. We just keep scrolling, keep posting, and keep our faces in our phones, without realizing that we are falling deeper and deeper into a black hole. We are trapped in the doom of what is the iGeneration.

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