Fall Fashion: Incorporating It Into Your Uniform by Laura Gonzalez

This past summer, many styles of clothing seemed to have been switching in and out of what most would consider “trendy.” Fashion went from lace to crochet to crop tops and from cut out skirts to jumper pants to high waisted cut out jeans. However, now with school taking its influence, and Miami Lakes Educational Center having a uniform policy, students considering feeling trendy whilst in school will have to find some way around it.

Since school uniform policies have become a bigger requirement for students and faculty is doing all in their power to enforce the uniform policy, the only solution to staying on top of the fashion game this year is to accessorize and stay trendy with bottom pieces.

Take a look at high end fashion – it is bringing not only classic and chic into the balance but details and accessories as well. Balmian Paris’ fall 2014 styles are not only simple but elegant, using exquisite patterns and textures with overlapping colors and cutouts. Valentino’s fall-winter trends are a mixture of simplicity with intricate lacey features and additives of colors and texture.

Boys can wear dark tone, slim cut jeans as they’re trending right now. Loafers and simple one colored shoes (two colored at most- try avoiding clashing colors) will go perfectly with the dark jeans since they add a touch of color to the school uniforms.

Although MLEC does not allow ripped jeans, it does allow high-waisted pants. Girls can wear two toned skirts (not ombre- that’s not in anymore) or simple geometrically patterned skirts (not Aztec- that’s also not in any more.)

Simplicity is key when trying to look fashionable; try to keep no more than two prominent colors to avoid color clashing. Patterns are okay as long as they aren’t overbearing, and always try to keep the uniform policy in mind. But most important, try to feel comfortable. You will be facing eight hours of sitting down in a chair and the last thing you want to experience is sitting uncomfortably or thinking your outfit is not school appropriate.


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