A Summary of the World Cup by Marissa Echeverria

Taken from Google Images
Taken from Google Images

After four years of waiting, the World Cup finally took over our television screens. There was a lot of anticipation for June 2014, when countries all over the world showed their utmost support during the World Cup’s nerve-wracking weeks.

The teams who are usually amazing didn’t play so well. It was interesting to see the best players in the world falter. There were also individuals that were especially praised during this World Cup—James Rodriguez, Tim Howard, and others. These players were able to show their mostly underrated skills on an international scale.

Seeing these amazing players in the spotlight, big club teams are making offers to them to come over. For example, Real Madrid, one of the biggest soccer teams in the world, has recruited James Rodriguez and Toni Kroos for the team.

The opening and closing ceremonies weren’t as nice or extravagant as they could’ve been. The World Cup, the most widely viewed sports event, should have had much bigger and better celebrations. The costumes in the opening ceremony were creative because it was they represented Brazil, but the performance itself was bland, and it wasn’t a fist pumping occasion. The closing ceremony was similar, but it was slightly worse because the stage had nothing more than dancers. The ceremonies were disappointing.

Twitter played a huge role during this World Cup. Back in 2010, Twitter wasn’t big; this time around, everybody was on Twitter, sharing their thoughts on the games and live tweeting and making jokes. As a result, the World Cup was generally more enjoyable this time around. Twitter “beef” involving soccer was inevitable, but it was funny nonetheless.

Germany’s powerhouse team took the trophy this year against Argentina. They showed their amazing skills throughout the tournament, and many people predicted that Germany would get to the final.

Now we wait for 2018 to see if the national soccer teams get better and step it up. We’ll also see if the power teams of this World Cup stay strong. This World Cup was full of laughs, snarky comments, funny reaction pictures, and some bitter people. We can only anticipate what 2018 has in store.

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