On the Edge of Your Seat with “Edge of Tomorrow” by Lessenitt Campos


Tom Cruise’s new sci-fi adventure provides a whole new look at an extraterrestrial invasion; it’s like “Armageddon” meets “Aliens”. With the right amount of action, computer graphics, humor, and heartfelt moments (mainly between Cruise’s and Emily Blunt’s characters), “Edge of Tomorrow” gives the phrase “summer blockbuster” a whole new meaning.

The movie begins with some major world news networks — CNN, the BBC, Sky News — reporting on the Mimic invasion. Mimics are enormous squid-like “cousins of Ursula” with the ability to mimic military combat strategies, hence their name.

Tom Cruise portrays Major William Cage, a media relations officer for the U.S. Army. With charm as grand as his cowardice, Maj. Cage attempts to get out of fighting duty against alien forces in Europe. Much to his inconvenience, he is unexpectedly drafted into a platoon base preparing to ambush the Mimics in France.

It’s in combat where Tom Cruise’s character begin to relive the same day again and again and again. “Tom Cruise is killed 10 minutes into the movie,” says Director Doug Liman.

A movie where the lead relives the same day sounds boring and unentertaining; however, Tom Cruise didn’t allow for that to happen. His clueless attitude to what was occurring added humor that had the audience crying with laughter.

With Maj. Cage unexpectedly waking up, others are unaware of what’s happening to him. He goes on to try to prove to the others that he has relived that day dozens of times before and knows what’s going to happen. It is during one of these loops that he encounters Special Forces soldier Rita Vrataski (played by Emily Blunt).

Seen as a hero and idol in the movie, Maj. Cage needs to locate Rita every day and join forces to hunt down and destroy the Omega: the brain of the Mimics. Living the same day over and over again allows one to improve with an advantage of knowing what’s to happen.

The romantic connection between the two characters doesn’t overshadow the film or its central plot. It is just enough that non-romantic movie goers will appreciate.

Maj. Cage, after dying over hundred times to relive the same day over hundred times, is faced with a difficult task in front of him. Will it be Maj. Cage? Or Rita Vrataski? Will they both perish in the end? Or survive to save the day? The audience has these questions stuck in their heads until the very last second of the movie.

“Edge of Tomorrow” hits theaters today on June 6, 2014 in the United States.

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