Dual Enrollment: A Guide for First Timers by Gabriella Indart

During the school year and summer, students take the time to catch up on courses and raise their GPA for college applications. While some of the options include FLVS, dual enrollment allows students to enroll in college courses and earn credits towards high school graduation as well as for college. Here is a guide for beginners if you are thinking about signing up for dual enrollment.

Set Up an Appointment

To be able to get a dual enrollment packet, you need to make an appointment with your counselor in Student Services. To make an appointment, grab a form at the Student Services desk and fill it out. Ms. Feria covers students with last names beginning with letters A-G, Mr. Lasaga covers H-Q, and Ms. Tigerino works with R-Z.

It’s Now or Never!

After February, subject selections have already been turned in, so March and April are the best time to grab a dual enrollment packet. After that time, underclassmen are put on hold as counselors begin to clear out seniors from the school’s roster. Trying to get a packet in May will only result in being put on a waiting list.

Where Do You Want To Go?

Most students prefer to choose a campus close to home so their parents don’t have to drive far. Most choose to go to Miami-Dade or FIU campuses because MLEC has a direct connection with them. The closest campus to the school is Miami-Dade North Campus, so if you have to go right after school, that is your best option, but if you live farther away try researching campuses near you.

Do You Have the Requirements?

In order to apply for dual enrollment, you must have an unweighted GPA of at least 3.00; for the more difficult classes, you usually need a letter from your parents approving your application to rigorous courses as well as your future schedule if you were to take these classes. So try to keep your grades above a C and talk to your parents about your decision. Some courses also have prerequisites, so be sure to check if you have them completed as well.

Check Out the Courses

Sometimes Miami-Dade or FIU do not have certain courses each term, so before you finalize what you want to take you need to see if they even have it. You can check the course listing for Miami-Dade dual enrollment courses at http://www.mdc.edu/main/academics/course_offerings.aspx — look at the open courses for each term. Also, it takes time for each term to be uploaded so if your term isn’t up, make sure to check often to see if it will be.

Time to Study

Once everything has been finalized it’s time to overcome another hurdle: the PERT. The PERT is a required exam that determines what courses you can take. There are three components to the test: reading, writing, and math. The kind of course you are signing up for will determine which you’ll have to take. Usually, on dual enrollment websites, there are aides to help you study for the PERT.

Relax, You’ll Do Fine

Although everyone is trying to catch up in most of their subjects through dual enrollment, make sure to take some time to relax between studying for the PERT and going through courses. Make sure to have fun in what you’re doing rather than trying to get ahead. It’s all about getting a better education; it’s not a competition.


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