I am Malala: A New Perspective of Pakistan by Vivian Bermudez

Taken from Google Images
Taken from Google Images

Malala Yousafzai is a fifteen year-old Pakistani girl who has captivated the world with her fight for the education of children everywhere. Her fight hasn’t been an easy one. In October of 2012, Malala was shot on route to take her exams. The odds seemed to stack against her when she caught an infection at the hospital in Pakistan. Due to the urgency of her wounds, she was quickly moved to England after borrowing the private jet of the Prince of the U.A.E. She recovered and now is an inspiration to many around the world.

I am Malala describes the journey of Malala from her free childhood to a restricted teenager under the Taliban. The book offers an insightful look into Pakistan and more specifically, an area known as the Quad. Malala allows her readers a look into the start of war from an insider.  

With the encouragement of her father, Malala found the courage to speak up once the Taliban began restricting the people and banning girls from attending school. Taking a page from her father, she began rallying, her name an echo for the people across Pakistan.

Malala has accomplished things most 15-year olds wouldn’t even dream about. So much of her success comes from growing up in an environment where she was always treated as if she were a male, since her father doesn’t believe in the distinctions between sons and daughters as many Pakistanis do. Malala’s story shows the world that not every Pakistani household holds old beliefs.

The whole book is saturated with unbelievable optimism from Malala. It is that same optimism which she holds for her country and its ability to overcome this period of time that has moved countless amounts of people. Her ability to speak, her positivity and her courage are what make her so different and distinct.

What makes Malala such an inspiration to people everywhere is her courage. Her rallies placed her in a dangerous position yet she kept speaking out. In a culture where women are suppressed and mistreated, she never stopped. Malala’s struggles and stance shows us to stand up for what we believe – even when the odds seemed stacked against us.


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