The Night of the Oscars by Christian Steiner

Taken from Google Images
Taken from Google Images

This weekend brought to us the awards show we were all excited for: the Razzies took place on Saturday March 2nd! Movie 43 took away the best/worst award you could receive of the evening; the horrible comedy walked away with worst picture of the year and the 13 directors all won/lost worst director of the year. And the Smith family blew away the competition with Will taking worst supporting actor and Jaden winning worst actor for After Earth.

I’m only tantalizing you. Sunday, March 3rd, was the day for our 2013 Oscars. 2013 was such a phenomenal year for cinema with so many great films being released nearly all at once during the last quarter of the year. Most of the nominees deserved such praise and even the little guys got most of the attention they deserved in the grand scheme of things.

The Oscars started with a brilliantly delivered openly monologue from Ellen DeGeneres, who maintained high energy throughout the entire show. She even set the record for the most retweets on a Twitter picture ever; the photo featured a cast that was more star-studded then American Hustle.

Speaking of American Hustle, out of its ten nominations, the film received a total of zero Oscars. Meanwhile, Gravity, also with ten nominations, won a total of seven Oscars, winning in the Audio/visual categories and also Best Director.

Sorry to all you die-hard Titanic and Leonardo DiCaprio fans, it was once again not his year to win his first Oscar. As Leo lost to Matthew Mcconaughey from Dallas Buyer’s Club (which was also the film that gave Jared Leto his Oscar for best supporting actor) DiCaprio’s film, The Wolf of Wall Street, directed by the fantastic Martin Scorsese, was snubbed out of all Oscars including, best supporting actor nominee in Jonah Hill and Best Picture.

One thing a movie that Leo was involved in did win, was The Great Gatsby which snatched outstanding costume and hair design Oscars right out of American Hustle’s hands.

Frozen’s winning both Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song (“Let it Go”) surprised no one. And in case you needed any reminder why the song deserved to win, Indina Menzel performed the song like evoking a standing applause from the audience and T.V. viewers alike!

After the controversy concerning Jennifer Lawrence winning over Lupita Nyong’o in the Golden Globes, which lead to death threats and speculation of racist judges, the Oscars did not make the same “mistake” and Lupita won, delivering a wonderful acceptance speech afterwards.

Similarly, Cate Blanchet won best actress over Amy Adams. Despite all of the controversy dealing with Woody Allen and his daughter.

Surprise hit Her gave Spike Jonze an Oscar for best Original Screenplay. The originality and creativity led to thought provoking moments in the film making the win a justified one.

Best Adapted Screenplay went to Steve Mcqueen for 12 Years a Slave. Just as importantly 12 Years a Slave won the biggest honor of the night with Best Picture which an ecstatic Steve Mcqueen took with great power and force!

All in all it was an Oscar night filled with surprises, obvious choices, and great performances. Maybe 2014 can deliver something even better. Or, perhaps even an Oscar to DiCaprio’s door!


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