Is Apple Straying Away From Their Original Vision? by Marissa Echeverria


Take from Google Images
Take from Google Images

Apple, during the fall, usually releases new a new version of a previous device. Rumor has it that they might release the iPhone 6 before June 2014, which is earlier than normal. Economic reports show that the iPhone 5s and 5c didn’t do as well as its predecessor, which is why tech specialists are saying the release date is so early.

Apple’s new, sleek design is admirable. But why change the design costumers have loved for years for something so colorful and made out of plastic, like the iPhone 5c? The device’s price is very appealing, which  makes it more accessible to the public. However, the design of the iPhone 5c doesn’t live up to its competitor, the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Apple makes good computers but many say they are overpriced and they would rather buy a cheaper computer that can do the same functions. Not everyone can afford a computer that costs over a thousand dollars; the least expensive laptop they sell, the Macbook Air, costs $999 without tax.

After a year of use, most iPhones start to deteriorate and many features stop working. Apple users complain that the company should be paying more attention the durability of their products instead of making new ones. This is a business strategy to give users a reason to buy the new version of their device.

“I don’t think they are going overboard. They can afford to improve one version to the next. They run a multimedia market that no other platform can’t parallel yet. The new leadership since Steve Jobs passed isn’t the same. They don’t have the same vision as Jobs did. They are not coming out with new products, just new models,” said Marlon Vernon, the IT academy head at Miami Lakes Educational Center.

Apple has its good qualities, but like every company, it has room for improvement. They have started to focus more on the needs of the consumer by selling products that are, price-wise, easier to get a hold of. However, they still need to decrease the rate of which their products and feature are being released.

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