Look Forward To the Year of the Horse and What It Has To Offer You by Marissa Echeverria

Taken from Google Images
Taken from Google Images

On January 31st, the Chinese zodiac calendar began its cycle. Following Chinese astrology, 2014 is considered the Year of the Wooden Horse; it ends February of 2015. As of now, the years that go under the Year of the Horse are: 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, and 2014.

In China, the horse signifies true strength and heroism. One of the Chinese’s favorite zodiacs is in fact the horse. Since the horse was used for fast traveling, in some texts it can mean a speedy success.

People born in the Year of the Horse are said to be bright, popular, cheerful, and all around fun people. They are very social and enjoy going out and being around people. “Horses” are people that follow their intuitions and make right decisions. People like them are avid fans of free expression and are very carefree. They are blunt with what they say, something that can be either a positive or a negative characteristic. Their hot-tempered nature can scar the relationships that they have cultivated with their friendliness.

For this Year of the Horse, there is advice and predictions from people that specialize in Western astrology. Take this year to be as spontaneous as the horse and live on impulse; by doing that you will accomplish things you wouldn’t normally do. If you make the right decisions, your life will take a positive turn.

“Keep in mind this year that Horse energy is free spirited, wild, willful, and independent. Horse has a refined instinct that acts fast, on the spot, unlike Horse’s opposite the Rat who thinks and plans before acting. The time for pondering and planning was 2013 Snake year. Horse year is time to act fast, buy that home, launch that business, travel the world, make a big purchase, get a promotion at work, have a breakthrough–take a leap and fly,” said Susan Levitt, a tarot reader that also specializes in Western and Asian astrology, on her website susanlevitt.com

Celebrities that were born in the Year of the Horse include Emma Watson, Ashton Kutcher, Kristen Stewart, Paul McCartney, Jackie Chan and Katie Holmes.

Chinese astrology can be very complicated and it has many factors that can affect the outcome of the year; but, hopefully, with this information, you will look forward to the Year of the Horse!

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