The Extinction of the Flappy Bird by Christian Steiner

Taken from Google Images
Taken from Google Images

One button simplistic gameplay, pixelated graphics, and dodging the green pipes from Mario; now that sounds like a recipe for a hit! And it appears 50 million people all around the world also fancied this mixture for Flappy Bird.

Flappy Bird took the smart-phone world by storm: seeing as a teenager couldn’t look at Twitter or Instagram without a post either raging about or making fun of the flightless bird.

The game tasked you with guiding a slightly mentally deficient bird, who doesn’t quite understand its natural power of flight, through what appears to be Mario-style warp pipes.

Sound simple enough?

Well it wasn’t; the game was devilishly hard but its severe degree of difficulty made it very addictive. People everywhere played the game for hours on end, trying to get the highest score solely for bragging rights.

However, some of the less skilled players became frustrated and lashed out in fits of rage, evidently leading to many phones needing to be replaced. Some even took it as far to threaten the creator of Flappy Bird with his life.

This may be one of the reasons why the creator, Dong Nguyen, decided to pull the “beloved” game off of the App and Google Play Stores.

Now he is receiving death threats by the dozen!

But Mr. Nguyen is sticking to his guns and shows no sign of giving in and allowing Flappy Bird to be sold freely once again. The only real reason he’s actually given was that the game was never meant to have such an addictive nature and even though it was earning him $50,000 a day, he did not like how it was effecting the player’s lives.

We also have a very possible conspiracy theory claiming that Nintendo threatened Apple to remove the game from the App Store or else they would take legal action for copyright infringement. It appears those “Mario-style warp pipes” were just a little bit too much Mario Styled and Nintendo took notice.

The game may be possible to illegally download through some form of jailbreak, but other than that as of now the 50 million of us who have the game are all that is left for our little Flappy Bird.

So please help keep the Flappy Bird from going extinct and sell your phone containing the game to others on eBay for up to $90,000 like some other sponsors for the Save the Flappy Bird Foundation. Please our children will never see the phenomenon that was the Flappy Bird without your help.


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