Places To Go During Winter Break by Marissa Echeverria


The sound of jingle bells, children caroling, and dreidels spinning against the floor are heard around neighborhoods. It also means winter break is about to commence. Some of us are going out of town and others are staying local this break.

If you’re not having a white Christmas, here is a list of ten things to do so that you’re not bored these next two weeks:

Pines Ice Arena

Skates skidding on the ice, the hot chocolate smell in the air, and the hip music playing in the background are what you encounter when you enter the arena. The low temperature inside the arena is a refreshing change from the Miami heat. Pines Ice is also a cute place to go on a date; you can hold your date’s hand and claim that you just want more stability on the ice.

Pembroke Gardens

With the sweater weather coming up, strolling around this outdoor mall while being surrounded by all the decorations adds a nice, enchanting effect. Pembroke Gardens offers a wide arrangement of stores and restaurants to fit your needs. If you and your friends want to go on a shopping trip, there are stores that sell clothes of all styles. If you’re looking for a place to eat with family or have a dinner date, Pembroke Gardens has restaurants that match everybody’s tastes.

Have a picnic at CB Smith

The weather has been very nice lately, so take advantage of it by going on a picnic in the various green areas that the park offers. Take a group of friends or a loved one and enjoy the beautiful scenery and serenity.

Main Street

The lights that hang from the trees twinkle in the moonlight, making it look like a scene right out of a movie. Main Street is the hangout place for the teenagers in the area. The movie theatre is surrounded by food joints like Cold Stone, Pizza Scene, and Johnny Rockets, so after watching a movie you can head over to these restaurants and grab a bite.

Santas Enchanted Forest

We’ve all grown up with Santa’s and its addictive theme song. Santa’s has fun rides where you’ll scream until your throat hurts. The carnival food is everywhere you turn, tempting you to buy it. The Christmas decorations have an enchanting effect on the whole amusement park. The iconic Christmas tree is a must see. Who doesn’t have a picture in front of the tallest tree in South Florida?

Sky Zone

All you can see is hair flailing in all directions and the smiles of pure joy on kids’ faces. For those who don’t know, Sky Zone is an indoor trampoline park where you can be a part of the ultimate 3D dodgeball experience. Some of the activities include basketball, a foam pit, and just jumping on the trampolines for fun. It’s exercise in disguise!

Now you can’t complain that there is nothing to do during winter break. In going to all of these places be responsible, careful, and safe, but more importantly have FUN!


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