Obama Care – Big Changes Are Coming by Ruth Reyes


After surviving an exhilarating presidential election and the catastrophic Mayan apocalypse, the only recent controversy brought to mind is the Obama Care Act – What is it, and why is it so important? – but many Americans still know very little, if anything at all, about the goals, benefits, and effects of this health care reform.

The Affordable Care Act – otherwise known as Obama Care – is a bill that will require every American resident to purchase health insurance by January 2014 or be subjected to pay a 1% income tax.

Its goal, which is to lower insurance cost and reduce insurance plan loopholes for the less fortunate, is aimed to keep people of all ages from being exploited, discriminated by race or gender, and being unaccepted because of pre-existing conditions.

“Knowing that others like me [with pre-existing conditions] can apply for insurance without fearing rejection is what I’m looking forward to with Obama Care,” said Julian Velazquez, a local bookstore owner who suffers from a Polio-induced handicap on his right knee.

These new rules are meant to benefit many who cannot afford insurance or are not currently accepted by companies as well as facilitate the purchase of healthcare.

For example, seniors and disabled people, who spend the most in the health industry but earn the least income, will pay less for their insurance because younger and more able people will pay more.

However, to balance the stakes and help college students out, Obama Care will allow parents to provide coverage for young adults, up to the age of twenty six.

“Most college students live off part time jobs and scholarships, so it’s great that our parents can support us with insurance, especially since it’s mandatory,” said Maria Pedraza, a Miami Dade College student.

As for lower income families, who cannot either pay a 1% income tax or afford the most minimum of insurances but are in great health, the issue is also solved.

“Obama Care will offer health care for nearly everyone, even people who can’t afford a plan, and aren’t covered by their employers, will be given coverage by the taxes of taxpaying people,” said Cesar Gonzalez, a junior in the Cambridge Academy.

Everyone will have to have healthcare coverage by January of 2014, whether it’s through an employer, Medicaid and Medicare, or privately owned. Hospitals, insurance companies, and other health corporations will have stricter rules to play fairly, and will have to pay shares in order to have the bill work.

Other than that, it is important to be prepared, check out the healthcare market for insurance, and remember that big changes are coming.

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