Boston Strong in Fenway Park by Lessenitt Campos

Source: Google Images

After placing last in the American League East in 2012, the Boston Red Sox made an outstanding comeback under rookie manager John Farrell. Last night, the Red Sox were able to defeat the St. Louis Cardinals during Game 6 of the 2013 MLB World Series, bringing back the World Series trophy to Massachusetts for the third time in ten years. With 97 games won, they hold the Best League Record in the American League.

Boston Red Sox’s pitcher, John Lackey, opened up the night. His pitches were on point in the first inning with support from first baseman, Mike Napoli, and left fielder, Jonny Gómes.

Switch positions. Red Sox turn to bat. Michael Wacha proved to Fenway Park that the St. Louis Cardinal weren’t going out without a fight, striking out two of Boston’s hitters.

Both the Cardinals and Red Sox had a chance to score in the second inning. With no outs and two men on base, each of them needed a double, minimum, for their team to score a run. Their dreams were quickly shattered with three back-to-back outs for both MLB teams

Then bottom of the third inning arrived. With two outs and all bases occupied, the Boston Red Sox caused fans to roar and cheer for their beloved team. With pressure on his shoulders, Shane Victorino hit a double deep into left field, bouncing off the high wall, allowing Jacoby Ellsbury, David Orrtiz, and Jonny Gómes to score. The Red Sox had the lead 3-0.

Top of the fourth and the Cardinals, after giving up three runs, struggled to redeem themselves; it was then Boston’s turn to bat.

Right off the back (position) Stephen Drew sent the baseball over the center of the field, increasing the Red Sox’s lead to 4-0. Struck out, doubled, out, to third, walked. With two bases full and one out away from the fifth inning, Mike Napoli hit a single to right field, forcing a run. To avoid a possible 3-run homer, Cardinal’s pitcher Michael Wacha intentionally walked Jonny Gómes. Bases loaded once again and, similar to the previous inning, Shane Victorino hit a single instead of a double into left field. David Ortiz scored and the game was now 6-0 Boston winning. A struck out and the inning was over.

The fifth and sixth inning came and went. The Red Sox didn’t score in the seventh inning but it was the Cardinals’ breaking point. They came out with everything on the table; it was all or nothing. After two outs, there was a single to right and double to left. Right fielder, Carlos Beltrán, hit a singled to left field, allowing the Cardinals to score their first run of the night. Matt Holiday walked and bases were loaded. All they needed was a grand slam to make the game a 1-run game. However, it was not close enough and the inning ended 6-1.

The following innings were played as if the 2014 preseason already began. No runs were made and there were strike outs here and there; this all lead up to the final strike out in the top of the ninth inning. Tears of joy were running down the Red Sox’s players’ faces, not only for winning the World Series but also for winning in Fenway Park for the first time since 1918. After all the hardships the city has faced this year, it was a thrill for the team to bring happiness back to the city.


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