Avengers: Infinity War: The Heartbreaks and Victories to Come

By Daylin Delgado If there’s one thing Marvel does well as a movie production company, it’s sending their fans into a frenzy. With Avengers: Infinity War being one of the biggest cinematic crossovers, and its release on April 27, rumors and theories are plaguing the minds of everyone from the most dedicated fans to the … Continue reading Avengers: Infinity War: The Heartbreaks and Victories to Come


The Plight Against Starbucks

By Malique Lewis When two black men entered a Starbucks to wait for a friend to conduct a business meeting, the store’s manager said that they couldn't wait in the vicinity because they didn't purchase anything.  The manager then proceeded to dial the police, and the two men were arrested, taken to a police station, … Continue reading The Plight Against Starbucks

The March of Ancient Humans

By Veronica Rarick “This is from a 4,000-year-old site in Central Asia—from Uzbekistan, I think,” said Dr. Reich, a Harvard Medical School geneticist, to the New York Times while looking at a chunk of human bone.   He continued to another bone—this one was 2,500 years old, found at a site in Britain. These humans … Continue reading The March of Ancient Humans

Miguel Diaz-Canela: An End to the Castro Dynasty or A Continuation?

By Luis Mila The infamous Raúl Castro was known across the globe as Cuba’s president; however his preselected successor which would inherit all his rule—Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez—was a subject of the unknown. U.S. Congress members bombarded Mr. Díaz-Canel with a series of questions when they visited in early 2015. They revolved around his thoughts on … Continue reading Miguel Diaz-Canela: An End to the Castro Dynasty or A Continuation?

How to Plan a Promposal

By Malique Lewis As countless movies, and TV shows remind society over the years, prom is a once in a lifetime event. It is the last senior year activity before graduation. It’s not just a celebration of senior year, but an opportunity to party with the only people that truly understand what high school was … Continue reading How to Plan a Promposal

Waffle House Shooter Apprehended

By Valeria Bula At 3:19 a.m. on Sunday, April 18, 29-year-old Travis Reinking arrived at a Waffle House establishment wearing nothing but a green jacket, and shot and killed six people with an assault rifle – two outside the restaurant, and four inside. Three individuals died at the scene, one at the hospital. The two … Continue reading Waffle House Shooter Apprehended

4/20: A Day About More Than Just Weed

By Luis Mila April 20th is a day of remembrance, be it horrific occurrences which have brought awareness to global issues and have even changed the course of history, or a cause of humor. The reason why 420 is associated with marijuana dates back to San Rafael California in the early 70s, when a group … Continue reading 4/20: A Day About More Than Just Weed

Looking Stunning on a Budget

By Abigail Rosales It’s that time of year where girls go crazy trying to find the perfect dress for prom, and the boys try to keep up with their dates in order to rent, or buy their matching tux on time. However, there’s a completely logical reason as to why girls stress out trying to … Continue reading Looking Stunning on a Budget

Tips and Tricks for Grad Bash

By Abigail Rosales Roller coasters, Butterbeer, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It is that time of year where seniors begin to grow anxious and excited for their Grad Bash trip to Islands of Adventure, and Universal Studios. It’s a daylong ordeal: you arrive to school early in the morning, you spend the day … Continue reading Tips and Tricks for Grad Bash

#Goals: How YouTube Changed Our Perception of a Happy Life

By Robyn Forbes Over the years, the growing omnipresence of social media has tremendously impacted our idea of what it means to be a happy family, or lead a happy life. When Facebook began in 2004, it gave people the space to share the things that mattered to them with other people to whom those … Continue reading #Goals: How YouTube Changed Our Perception of a Happy Life