Award Szn is Here: 71st Emmy Awards

By Michelle Mairena As summer ends, one of the things that I personally look forward to is the awards season. It perhaps sounds like an insipid statement, especially since I (or anybody that I personally know for that matter) have never even been close to stepping a foot into a Hollywood studio. But, truth is, … Continue reading Award Szn is Here: 71st Emmy Awards


Review: “Don’t Call Me Angel”

By Yasmine Mezawi Three of the top tiers of women in the music industry joined together for a collaboration on Charlie’s Angels soundtrack single “Don’t Call Me Angel.” In the much-awaited single, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Lana Del Rey intertwined their separate genres of music to bring an anthem for independent women—  except, it … Continue reading Review: “Don’t Call Me Angel”